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"Many journalists go missing in Eritrea" - An interview with exiled journalist Biniam Simon
Journalist Biniam Simon left Eritrea after it became impossible for him to carry out his duties as a journalist without living in fear. Having been granted asylum in France, and concerned about the lack of information for the community in his native Eritrea, he started exiled radio station Erena. Broadcasting via satellite to thousands of listeners back home, Radio Erena provides independent news to a country where press freedom is non-existent. WAN-IFRA visited Radio Erena’s Parisian studios to talk to Mr Simon for 3 May, World Press Freedom Day.
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WAN-IFRA Condemns Murder of Three Journalists in Nigeria
WAN-IFRA has expressed grave concern over the murders of three journalists in Nigeria and has written to Acting President, Goodluck Jonathan, urging him to ensure the safety of journalists in the country.
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WAN-IFRA Condemns Death of Cameroonian Journalist While in Custody
WAN-IFRA wrote to President Paul Biya of Cameroon to express its grave concern at the death, while in custody, of journalist Germain S. Ngota Ngota.
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It is up to Tunisians to secure freedom for their press!
Slim Bagga, the former editor of Tunisia’s opposition monthly, L’Audace, fled his country for France in 1992. However, the passage of time does not stop him receiving death threats as recently as December last year, over his investigations and opinions on government corruption in his native Tunisia. Following last year’s elections, the Tunisian government continues to harass, arrest and censor journalists who dare to speak out against it, making Tunisia a country of low rank on the world press freedom index. Slim Bagga’s editorial explores why the people of Tunisia should demand a free press. He writes exclusively for WAN-IFRA, the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers.
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All Rhodes Lead to Highway Africa
The 14th Highway Africa conference, held between 5 and 7 July 2010, brought together African journalists and media experts from across the continent for a three-day programme of seminars, workshops and panel discussions at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa.
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Archbishop Desmond Tutu Endorses WAN-IFRA’s Declaration of Table Mountain
Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu of South Africa has endorsed the Declaration of Table Mountain, a media industry call to African heads of state to repeal insult and criminal defamation laws and place a free press higher on the political agenda.
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WAN-IFRA Condemns Death of Rwandan Editor
The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) and the World Editors Forum (WEF) have asked the President of Rwanda, Paul Kigame, to initiate an investigation into the murder of journalist Jean Leonard Rugambage and bring the murderers to justice.
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WAN-IFRA Pays Tribute to Deceased Golden Pen of Freedom Laureate, Pius Njawé
One of the African continent’s leading press freedom advocates, Cameroonian journalist, editor and publisher Pius Njawé, was killed in a traffic accident on Tuesday 13 July while in the United States.

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‘Skeletons in the Cupboard’ Often Undermine Changes in the Law
Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai has been a media lawyer in Freetown, Sierra Leone, for the past six years, providing pro bono legal aid to journalists who come into conflict with criminal and seditious libel, false news provision and insult laws. He kindly agreed to an interview with WAN-IFRA to discuss the the media situation in Sierra Leone.
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Botswana Media Women Reflecting on the WIN Launch
Melanie-Ann Ferris tours WIN participants Sinqobile Ndlovu, Maranyane Ngwanaamotho, Mariette Boltman, Lette Gaolape and Chandapiwa Baputaki around City Press in Johannesburg. - 96.3 kb After a successful two-day launch event of the Sida-funded Women In News (WIN) programme in Johannesburg, attended by a total of 22 women - participants, coaches, mentors, advisors and organisers - all were buzzing and anticipating the upcoming National Gatherings.
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WAN-IFRA Concerned by Proposed Changes to South African Media Laws
WAN-IFRA has expressed concern over the implications of a proposed Protection of Information Bill currently before the South African parliament.
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Journalist Killed in Somalia; Censorship and Imprisonment in Puntland
Prominent radio journalist Barkhad Awale Adan was killed during an exchange of gunfire between Al-Shabaab and government forces in Mogadishu, while authorities in Puntland have banned journalists from interviewing rebels who are fighting the regional government. (Source: NUSOJ/RSF/IPI/CPJ/IFEX).
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Burundian Journalist Faces Life in Prison After Spurious Treason Charges
International human rights and press freedom organisations report that a Burundian journalist risks life in prison after being arrested and charged with treason on 17 July. A month later, a second journalist was arrested, imprisoned and charged with defamation after writing an article about government corruption. (Source: Human Rights Watch/JED/CPJ/RSF/IFEX).
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Opposition Silenced: President Kagame Takes 93% of Rwandan Vote
Rwandan President Paul Kagame won another seven-year term in elections held on 9 August, after already being in power for 15 years. International human rights and press freedom organisations claim he captured 93 percent of the vote by banning opposition parties and eliminating critical domestic news coverage. In the months leading up to election day, the government systematically shut down news outlets and terrorised critical journalists into fleeing the country. (Source: Human Rights Watch/RSF/Index on Censorship/CPJ/INSI/IFEX).
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South African journalism education institutions release joint statement condemning Protection of Information Bill
In a joint statement released in Johannesburg on 30 August, 16 leading South African journalism education institutions condemned proposals for a Protection of Information Bill as "an attack on media freedoms in South Africa".
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African Press Freedom Advocates Fight Criminal Defamation Laws
Africa’s leading press freedom advocates met in Kenya this week to support the Declaration of Table Mountain, a freedom of expression campaign organised by WAN-IFRA to repeal criminal defamation and insult laws across the continent. The inaugural meeting of the campaign’s steering committee, held in Nairobi on 1 and 2 September, brought together editors, journalists and activists to provide guidance, expertise and support on the strategic direction of the campaign.
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WAN-IFRA and 30 fellow IFEX members call on President Kabila to end persecution and harassment of journalists and media
In a joint letter to President Joseph Kabila, WAN-IFRA and 30 fellow IFEX members expressed their concern at the declining situation for the media throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo and called on him to ensure the safety of journalists and guarantee press freeedom in the country.
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WAN-IFRA Condemns Attacks Against Ugandan Journalists
WAN-IFRA and the World Editors Forum have condemned a series of attacks on journalists in Uganda, and called on the government to ensure that journalists can carry out their jobs without fear or intimidation.
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2011 WAN-IFRA Golden Pen of Freedom Awarded to Dawit Isaak
A journalist with dual Eritrean-Swedish citizenship, Dawit Isaak is one of the founders of Eritrea’s first independent newspaper, Setit, and is currently one member of a group of reformist political prisoners who have been detained without charge or trial for the past nine years. Eritrean by birth, Mr Isaak was forced to flee his native country in 1987 and arrived in Sweden as a beleagured refugee during Eritrea’s bloody war for liberation. He became a Swedish citizen in 1992 after working for years as a cleaner, and he later returned to Eritrea when the country finally gained independence in 1996. Eager to develop the country’s independent press, Mr Isaak co-founded the country’s first independent newspaper, Setit, which would rise to national prominence as a professional paper and gain a reputation for investigative reporting which often focused on abuse of power by the government.
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Spate of Journalist Arrests in Zimbabwe Raises Concerns
The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) and the World Editors Forum have protested against the latest series of journalist arrests in Zimbabwe and have condemned the increasing climate of intimidation for the country’s critical media.
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Free Dawit Isaak - Take Action Today

In October 2010, The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers awarded Dawit Isaak the 2011 Golden Pen of Freedom, WAN-IFRA’s annual award that recognises individuals or organisations that have made an outstanding contribution to the defence and promotion of press freedom.

Mr Isaak, a journalist with dual Eritrean-Swedish citizenship and one of the founders of Eritrea’s first independent newspaper, Setit, was arrested and imprisoned without charge in September 2001 as part of a crackdown against the independent media. His whereabouts remain unknown to this day.

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2011 World Press Photo Contest
World Press Photo is now inviting professional photographers and photojournalists to enter the 2011 World Press Photo Contest. The deadline for submitting entries is 13 January 2011.
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